Enrollment Campaigns

Our team has helped enroll over 1,000 students into our clients’ schools.

Our clients report that increased school enrollment results in:

 Stable School Budget

 Extra Funds for Programs, Key Teachers, and Staff

Improved Teacher Satisfaction and Retention

Improved School Culture and Academic Performance

We do this by by determining the key factors affecting enrollment growth as well as what initiatives will increase your school’s ability to grow, and we help administrators design a plan to hit their target enrollment taking into account: school vision, school mission, competition, demographics, geographic area, and more.


Once we have developed a plan, we make strategic decisions and adjust our strategies to best fit your school’s needs.

Retention Campaigns

Student retention is the most important metric for schools.

Running a retention campaign allows administrators to:

Reduces Expenses

Determine school health and trends

Alleviate budget volatility

Identify successful and problematic programs

 Promote traits of a healthy school

Proactively address high-level school issues

Student retention is the most important metric for schools. These numbers allow administrators to determine school health and trends, budget volatility, and areas of the school that have been successful or have become problematic. And the unfortunate truth is that many administrators do not know how to calculate these numbers accurately, leaving them unable to promote traits of a healthy school.


No matter what phase your network or school is in, understanding student retention is essential to running a successful school.

So, why is retention important?

Schools typically spend $500 per student on marketing alone. It is much cheaper to retain students than to find new students annually.

Want to spend less on marketing and get more students?

Schola can get you to your target for a fraction of the price of expensive consultants and ineffective services.


Schola’s proven marketing capabilities focus on:

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Direct Identification of Potential Enrollees
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